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Purple Dash's work on this project demonstrates their dedication to providing high-quality, tailor-made web development services. They successfully transformed the client's digital presence, reflecting their commitment to creating websites that amplify businesses' online presence, engage customers, showcase brands, and drive business growth. Purple Dash continues to deliver stellar web development services, standing as a premier partner for businesses navigating the digital world.

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Transformative Web Development for a Conferencing Service Provider


In an increasingly digital world, businesses require robust, engaging, and effective websites to succeed. Purple Dash, a leading software development company, offers comprehensive web development services tailored to businesses’ unique needs. They bring their clients' visions to life, creating websites that not only look great but also deliver seamless user experiences aligning perfectly with their business goals. This case study examines Purple Dash's transformative web development work for a conferencing service provider.

Project Goal

The client approached Purple Dash seeking a high-end look and feel for their WordPress site, which was to incorporate more than 15 pages detailing the range of services they offer. Part of the content was provided by the client, who also desired translation functionality for Chinese. The goal was to create a brand identity that exuded a corporate feel, with content themed around workplaces, meetings, and various types of conferencing.

Purple Dash's Solution

Purple Dash began by selecting an appropriate template. Their team of web development experts, including a WordPress developer and a PHP developer, was deployed to execute the major workflow. Given the site's reliance on WordPress and the need for PHP functionality for translation, the team's combined expertise was essential.

They implemented translation functionality using PHP and worked on the backend in PHP for any signup, integrating it with the database. The team ensured that the website was responsive across devices and met the latest web standards, embodying Purple Dash’s commitment to delivering seamless user experiences.

Additionally, they provided services beyond web development, including consulting and project management, guiding the client from the initial concept to a successful website launch.

The entire project, from inception to a fully functional site, was completed in just five weeks.


The client expressed high satisfaction with Purple Dash's work, specifically praising the simplicity, ease of use, and navigation of the developed website. The team also integrated Google Analytics and other security plugins, providing the client with detailed analytical reports. Necessary plugins were also installed in terms of contact forms, and CSS changes were made to ensure the website’s aesthetic aligned with the client's brand image.

Following the website's launch, the client saw significant improvements in their business metrics, including a 36% increase in leads generated and a 22% increment in clients.